Pink Rose After The Rain (Perfume Thoughts, Flora Rosa, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria)

aaI am always a sucker for rose, but are all roses created equal? I don’t think I will ever dislike a rose scent, but some I will like better than other. I liked a lot about Flora Rosa, which is from the Aqua Allegoria ‘arm’ of Guerlain (I am especially fond of this arm, to be honest)  This is a very transparent rose, with a blast of citrussy lemon in the initial burst. It is fresh smelling, and in hot weather, really invigorating. There are berries here (I wanna say dark berries) but the overall effect is still very light, as is the case with most under the Aqua Allegoria line. The rose is of the transparent watery kind – it’s like smelling a pink rose after the rain. It is certainly very nice, and you can sense the good quality of the perfume – it is still a Guerlain, after all. Do I need it? Well, do i need anything, as I have perfume probably for five lifetimes, but aside from the cute bottle, I don’t know how I can justify owning this – it’s on the common side, to be frank, and I can think of similar in my collection. But, I do own it, and I am just glad that I got it at a very good price. I don’t regret it, but deep inside I will know I could have done better.

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