How Dare You (Movie Thoughts: Nerve)

tumblr_oace9cj6ed1qzfh3ao2_1280Of the Franco brothers, I lean more towards Dave. I know he is probably the “lesser” Franco, but I don’t care – I like him more. Anyway, I say that because he the only reason I was interested in seeing ‘Nerve,” and as it turns out, he is the only reason why I (mildly) tolerated it. He stars as Ian/Sam, and partners with Vee (Emma Roberts) in a truth or dare game – without the truth – that is internet based, and the challenges are voted, graded, rewarded upon by “watchers,” or basically followers of these contestants. I guess it is trying to give a commentary on how today’s society’s is ruled by social media, and the game is a mixture of Snapchat, Periscope, etc. I am already yawning from the idea, and Roberts is the main character here I guess, but she bores me too – and much too scrawny to be an engaging screen presence. Besides Franco’s shirtless scenes,  there really isn’t much here for me.

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