The Awakening (Music Thoughts, For The love Of Brahms, JoshuaBell, Steven Isserlis and Jeremy Denk)

401806I know I should listen more to classical music, and though I have a lot of it in my collection, I don’t always pull them out and play them. i always think that I shouldn’t put them on as background music, as I am wont to do when I play music – there is so much intricacy and detail here that I tell myself that when I listen to it, I should sit up and play attention.

Joshua Bell caught my attention a long time ago because, I’ll be honest, he was a 19 year old cutie who played the violin, my favorite musical instrument. I think the violin conveys so much melancholy that I think it should be the soundtrack to my melancholy life. And here he plays Brahms, and I have always been drawn to Brahms work – something about his compositions convey melancholy to me as well, and darn if I can explain to you why I feel that way. Cut to now that Joshua Bell is now the musical director of Academy of St. Martin In the Fields, and with his friends the cellist Steven Isserlis and pianist Jeremy Denk, this album is created.

It’s fantastic – the arrangements by bell are from the point of view of the violin, and that makes it more appealing to me. On Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8, they opt to use the 1854 version, which Brahms later discarded. It sounds more conservative, and to my ears fresher, because it is not performed as frequently. they also perform Brahm’s last orchestral work,  the Double Concerto (for Violin and Cello) in A Minor, Op. 102, and a lot of enthusiasts consider that Brahm’s greatest piece. Here you can see why.

But the best thing here is that this record rekindled my love for classical pieces. Though not my ultimate love, classical music awakens something inside me when I listen to it, and once in a while I require some awakening.

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