Shovel This (Movie Thoughts: Shovel Buddies)

shovel_buddiesOh, I must be really old. This is the second movie in a row about young people that annoyed me immensely. I have very little patience now about their immaturity and watching it on film is making me more irritated. Hence, “Shovel Buddies,’ which stars Bella Thorne. The only reason I know who she is is because she used to date Greg Sulkin, who I think is cute and follow on Snapchat. And speaking of Snapchat, that app fuels the story in this film. Directed by Simon Atkinson and Adam Townley, this is about a young man who films his last will and testament on Snapchat – the height of stupidity. His message is that he wanted to be buried in his football jersey and under the new stadium being built. I am already annoyed – if it was so important, why didn’t he tell his parents? So his friends go on a quest to get his body, dress him in his jersey. and bring him to the construction site of the stadium. Ha ha, it’s so funny. Think of it as a today version of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ with double the stupidity. Seriously, i can find so many holes in the script but I ask myself why bother? I have already wasted a lot of time with this film, and I am not spending any more.

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