Some Good Things Never Last (Movie Thoughts: Lazy Eye)

lazyeye_final_smallAfter seeing my last two movies, I wanted to see a movie about adult, and specifically maybe some gay adults. Or at least adults acting somewhat like adults. Or at least people I can identify with. Well, ‘Lazy Eye’ is definitely a film about adults – middle age adults. Tim Kirkman’s film posits the question – what if ‘the one that got away’ suddenly, out of the blue, gets in touch and tries to reconnect?  Let’s be honest, we all have asked this question at one point – or at many points – in our lives. Dean (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) a successful graphic designer who lives in Los Angeles, gets an email from Alex  (Aaron Costa Ganis) with an invitation to reconnect after fifteen years. Alex is the one he has thought about all these years, because after breaking up with him, Alex disappeared and is probably the only person in the world with no internet footprint. So they male plans to get away at Dean’s Joshua Tree vacation house. Seconds after seeing each other, their thirst for each other comes out in such a forceful manner, even before they can discover what and where their lives are right now. Is their relationship still a thing – can it still be? They find out that even if their passion for each other remain the same,  life has given them emotional and maybe physical entanglements that will force them to face what was, and is. I like this film, I like it’s intimacy, it’s romantic energy. You feel the way they both want each other, you feel what brought them together and what pulls them apart. You root for them, but at the same time, you realize that some things can never be the same. Both actors give wonderful performances, as they draw you in instantly with their fiery chemistry (I wonder what is up with both their hyphenated names – perhaps both married in real life?)  I would be lying if I say that this film did nto make me think of the one that got away in my life, and realize maybe it got away because it was never meant to last forever.

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