So What About Love (Television Thoughts: What About Robert, Finding Prince Charming S01E06)









Who saw it coming? I guess we should have. On ‘What About Robert,”  Chad abruptly leaves the ceremony and throws hsi black tie on the floor, leaving Robert – and I guess the rest of the suitors – dumbfounded. He says that it is because he thinks Robert is a “player” and he has had a traumatic experience with an ex wherein he caught said ex cheating. I know I have said before that I have been rooting for Chad, and I really thought that he was going to get farther as it looked like he was having a real connection with Robert. But his exit does seem absurd – this is the whole premise of the show, for Robert to be seeing all these guys at the same time. Chad has said in interviews that he gets it – he is portrayed as the emotional villain in the show, and really, who could blame the producers when he gives them so much material. It was comical to see him rolling his suitcase while the tie ceremony was still going on.

I think the main problem with the show, now, is that this Prince Charming is not charming  enough – his own suitors can barely remember anything about him when quizzed at the top of the show. The Prince Charming should be someone the audience should be falling in love with as the show progresses, but seriously, the audience doesn’t seem to be falling.

So here we are left with the final four. I never really thought that Dillon would go this far, but there he is, and I predict he is next to go.

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