They Are Bad And They Know It (Movie Thoughts: Bad Mom)

bad-moms-posterSo yes, I know everyone and their mother has raved about ‘Bad Moms,’ but somehow I never saw it, and am very late in the party on this. But better late than never, I guess. This film is from the makers of ‘The Hangover’ so it could potentially be really funny, and definitely raunchy. And it has a great cast, led by Mila Kunis, who even though I don’t think i ever saw a ‘That 70s Show’ episode, has great comedic flair. (I thought Kathryn Hahn  steals the film, though) She plays a mom who one day just snaps and says eff this – the struggle to be ‘perfect’ just got into her, and fights back. She goes against an easy target – those supermoms are rife for ridicule.

I thought the movie was amusing at times, but I really didn’t feel the film. I know, I know. I am probably not the target demographic here, and that’s fine. Jay Hernandez plays Kunis’ love interest here and he plays an almost-middle-aged man, which makes me feel real old because he was the young male ingenue not too long ago – and at that time I thought it was too young. If he is middle aged now, then what does that make me?  Probably too old to appreciate this movie.

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