My Baby’s Got A Secret (Television Thoughts, The Secret Daughter, Prime 7 Australia)

57c7b28dae6d6_nonpremium_tv_promos_autv_tvbuzz_thesecretdaughter_lrg-1bsfckdGuess what show I am a little bit addicted to right now?  It’s the new one from Prime 7 in Australian television, called “The Secret Daughter,” starring Jessica Mauboy. Mauboy is a young Australian treasure, half-Indonesian, and half-indigenous, and she has a lot of star power. I know she was discovered in Australian Idol, and had a couple of hit records in young-diva mode. Here she shines as an actress. I honestly did not even realize she was one, but she has a very expressive face and you cannot help but look at her when she is on screen here. She is a winner.

Well, the show =, maybe not as much. The plot – about a ‘secret daughter’ of a hotel magnate – falls in a lot of soap machinations, but you do kind of believe, thanks to a great cast led by Mauboy.  Her character, Billie, lives in rural Walperinga, and due to circumstances is brought to modern Sydney because she may or may not be the secret daughter of the Norton patriarch, who owns a luxury hotel. The first episode was kind of slow, partly because they had to introduce the characters, but things picked up after that, and I am now hooked in the machinations of the family as they try to accept Billie as their own. Some families are more welcoming than others, of course, and it is interesting how their dynamics will weave in and out of Billie’s story.

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