Vanilla At Night (Perfume Thoughts: Nirvana Bourbon Vanilla, Elizabeth And James)

s1849942-main-lheroI will make a statement – Elizabeth and James makes fantastic perfumes. Their earlier releases, Nirvana Black, and Nirvana White, were both great releases, and for celebrity scents, they are practically the equivalents of a Picasso. And it looks like they are continuing to release even better scents. The one I am wearing right now is Nirvana Bourbon Vanilla, and I am obsessed with it. Obsessed.

Nirvana Vanilla isn’t your typical gourmand-y vanilla – instead of smelling like cake, you will smell like booze. It starts out with a smoky bourbon note, and a bit of sandalwood – think swanky hotel bar with mahogany walls – and then the vanilla kicks in. This vanilla is smoky and sultry, and that mix of rubbery tuberose gives it a lot more depth. This is definitely a grown up perfume, and would fit perfectly with , say the L’Artisan or Byredo lines. It smells expensive and niche-like, for a fraction of the price (though really, it is not dirt cheap but along the lines of more prestigious designer fragrances) I like it, I want it, and I could imagine cold winter nights swathed in it, even maybe layering it with the body oil also available.


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