Wild Snooze (Movie Thoughts: Wild Oats)

v1-btsxmjiymtc2nttqoze3mtuxozeymda7mtywmdsyndaw‘Wild Oats’ is a wonderful idea. Just imagine – putting Shirley McLaine and Jessica Lange in a comedy (okay, even adding Demi Moore to the mix)  And the premise is precious: Eva (McLaine) mistakenly gets a $5,000,000 check instead of $50,000 and she and her friend Lange decide to cash it and hide in the Canary Islands. It had such potential – kind of an American version of Absolutely Fabulous. Somewhere along the way, this film literally got lost. It premiered in Lifetime and then got a theatrical release that, obviously, bombed. But that’s not even the worst of it – the screenplay is a hodge podge of tired ideas and I couldn’t help but feel bored ten minutes into the movie. McLaine and Lange looked like they felt the same way – their performances should be higher energy but it seemed like they couldn’t be bothered as well. About halfway through, I couldn’t wait for this film to finish and felt it was a waste of my time and energy, and felt sorry both all involved here

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