Daigle Dangles (Music Thoughts: Behold, Lauren Daigle)

lauren-daigleWhile playing “Behold,” I am once again playing the game “who the heck is this woman singing” game, which, nowadays is a game I seem to always play. A quick internet search tells me that Lauren Daigle, the singer here, is one of those big deals Contemporary Christian music, a genre I really am not familiar with. But maybe I should take note more, because Daigle has a fantastic voice – earthy, smoky, a cross between a whisper and brassy (think coquettish Amy Winehouse)

I was immediately drawn to the singing even though these songs have been recorded a million and one times over. I read she is from the South so they are a little honky tonk but at the same time would be at home at a swanky supper club. Actually cross that – the vibe is more classy acoustic. This is the kind of album you hear as you take a break fro Christmas shopping to catch your breath. And she has a great command of lyrics, too, resisting the urge to scream ‘O Holy Night,’ for example, as most singers are wont to do nowadays. This is a quiet recording, and I am really ecstatic that I discovered her. I wonder if she sings standards?

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