Still Crazy (Television Thoughts, Where is Josh’s Friend, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02E02)

rs_634x793-160923133920-634-crazy-ex-girlfriend-season-2-ch-092316The second season of ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ starts exactly where it left of, when Rebecca tells Josh that she moved to West Covina just for him, and Josh is obviously scared and perplexed by it. But Rebecca turns the question around to him and Josh – not the brightest bulb in the nursery – shrugs, but does he? We find that he has been bunking at Rebecca’s infamous couch, and we find out that their situation is, as Paula describes it, “Air BNB with benefits.”  Good line, and that is exactly the perfect description for it – Josh, of course, is not even remotely interested in committing – he can’t even commit to sleep in her bed (actual sleeping, that is) and Rebecca, well, Rebecca is still in that vicious cycle, and yes now I do get it that there isn’t going to be a lot of difference in Season Two.

How do I feel about that? I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a little bit exhausted with Rebecca’s round robins. Are we going to be spinning the same circles? And in this episode, Rebecca comes dangerously close to being truly unlikable. When Josh says that part of the reason he cannot commit is because she hasn’t officially broken up with Greg, she goes on a goose chase to find him, only to find him going to AA meetings – and she still wants to go to him and break up. Of course, this might cause for him to spiral more downwards, but to her Josh and only having Josh matters. I have trust in Bloom – she has great instincts and should know when to add heart to Rebecca’s craziness. But she is really pushing it now.

And Greg – I feel so sorry for him. he is sick, he is still in love. I do still believe he will be the end game for Rebecca. There, I said it. But over all, it’s very nice to see crazy back.

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