People Are People (Movie Thoughts: People You May Know)

people-you-may-know-406204-posterI am both fascinated and scared by the ‘People You May Know’ feature on Facebook. A couple of months ago, one of the ‘recommendations’ to me was the profile of my friend’s teenage son, and I thought – how and why would Facebook find out about this kid when his father, who is my friend, does not have an account himself? Is it because his father’s phone number is on my phone Contacts list? Or perhaps because someone saw that I was emailing him from the email account associated with my profile? In any case, I thought the whole thing odd, but of course I glanced at the profile – curiosity, you know.

One of the storylines in the film ‘People You May Know’ is about catfishing, and the character discovers that fact while browsing through his ‘People You May Know’ recommendations. Sean Maher plays Joe, who makes this discovery, plays the character with a deep sensitive touch, and the character eventually meets the man whose photograph was used by the catfisher. This is one of the three main stories in this film directed by J.C. falcon, who gives this film a European touch despite the fact that it was set in Los Angeles. I was ready to file the film off, but somewhere around the half way mark, i find myself oddly touched by these characters, even though on the surface they are your typical vapid, self-involved Angelenos. First impressions can be deceiving.

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