Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Book Thoughts, Sorry Not Sorry, Naya Rivera)

28815372Nowadays anyone and everyone can write a memoir. Case in point: Naya Rivera and her book ‘Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up.’  One will wonder, what warrants her story to be interesting enough? I guess I wanted to find out as I started reading it, and it is a slight book with not that much to say. Sure, she was a child star who had sitcom gigs and was part of of an ensemble cast of a successful television show. Other than that, she has led quite an ordinary life. the big “reveal” here is that she had an abortion, but a lot of young women do, and she is even privileged and there are a lot of poor and inner city women whose stories are probably more compelling.  And I came here for the Glee stories, but she even skimps on that. Never mind the backstage gossip between her feud with Lea Michele – she says she doesn’t want to dwell on it, and only offers one story – but we could have used some details on her personal relationships with other cast members. She writes that she was close with Corey Monteith, but she does not even share an anecdote about him that would make us get to know just a little more – they shared a cig at a balcony once, big deal. This book is self-indulgent, and worse, boring.

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