Tiptoe Through The Tulips (Perfume Thoughts: La Tulipe, Byredo)

byre-tulI was at a friend’s house over the weekend, and on his perfume dresser he had Byredo’s ‘La Tulipe,’ a Byredo release I don’t think I ever sniffed (it’s from 2010) so of course, I went ahead and wore it while I was staying with him. – I wonder, do people do that??  I do. I thought this scent was a tulip soliflore, but turns out it isn’t. Byredo describes it as a perfume that just invokes the idea of a tulip, and has notes of freesia, ‘tulip accord,’ and rhubarb. And mainly freesia – which I associate with a lot of Bath and Body Works scents. yes, ‘La Tulipe’ kind of smells like that, but it is also more mature, and naturally is made with better material. It’s over all effect is nice and fragrantly clean – which most of the time is not an adjective I associate with perfume I wear.

Honestly, I did not dislike this. It’s pleasant and probably a nice ‘office’ scent – non-threatening, and might even garner a compliment or two. I have seen this described as close to Fabreeze, but I honestly do not really know what Fabreeze smells like. Will I own it? Probably not, but on sumemr days when I visit my friend, I probably would put it on.

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