Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Television Thoughts: Finding Prince Charming, The Final Black Tie)


The last episodes of ‘Finding Prince Charming’ lost luster for me. The show got “real” and felt duller to me. The last two episodes found Robert whittling down his choices and getting to down to the nitty gritty of who he thinks captured his heart on the show. But really, who are we fooling? Even on the more established hetero shows like “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” I don’t think anyone is expecting these things to be really true anymore. As we come down to the final four, I can sense that Robert is just going through the motions and picking who he thinks can further his career as…something. On the last episode, he makes a confession to the suitors: that while he was in College, he was down and out and worked as an escort. To the audience, big yawn. At this point, anyone and everyone has heard this, so it sounded anti-climactic although I guess for the contestants it was a ‘shocking revelation,’ but of course, they all pretended liek it was nothing. Well, he told them while they in the middle of a swimming pool so the escape wasn’t necessarily easy.

But back to the ‘winner.’ I think all the clues had pointed to Brandon as the winner – this was even leaked on the internet when they were both seen watching Betty Buckley’s ‘Grey Gardens’ in Los Angeles, but surprise of all surprises, Eric won. I mus say even I was mildly amused/shocked. I had conditioned in my mind that Brandon would win, and I guess I come from a generation where I thought Eric’s status would be a handicap. But this is today, and rightfully so, this is not even as big an issue anymore. So yay for progress! Which leaves Brandon broken-hearted. But I felt I didn’t much care, even the love speeches here felt inauthentic to me. Maybe I checked out after Chad left, maybe reading stuff about Robert made me feel a little disillusioned. Maybe I just really looked at this show as trash entertainment and without all the trash there just seemed to be …nothing… But someday I’ll find it – the rainbow connection – the lovers, the dreamers, and me.

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