Tennessee Tinsel (Music Thoughts, Tennessee Christmas, Amy Grant)

amy-grantIt’s all about the mood. I first played Amy Grant’s ‘Tennessee Chrostmas’ while multi tasking, and while it was nice and pleasant, it initially did not register as something – anything – for me. I thought to myself, meh, a bland and unmemorable Christmas album, seems to be the norm these days. But this morning, when I woke up, I played it again while doing my chores. And then it hit me – this is a stellar album. It’s good, actually scratch that, it’s pretty great. I have to admit there is a preconceived prejudice on my part. I know Grant is the Queen of Contemporary Christian music and for all I know she is a homophobic Trump supporter. I actually googled if she was, and found nothing. But I did see articles from a couple of years ago when she started speaking to gay press, so okay she might be fine. Plus, I know her husband Vince Gill did a duet with Cyndi Lauper in her last album so I am taking that as a good sign. But for all I know, she is a Trump supporter, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

but back to the album. guess what – I like her originals here – there’s something in ‘Melancholy Christmas’ that hits me to the core, and I like the fact that in ‘Another Merry Christmas’ she sings that it is probably not a happy time for everyone. Towards the latter tracks, she starts her songs with little bits of her speaking, and I found her charming and honesty infectious. By the time she sings her ‘O Come All Ye Faithful,” she had me. I was a but skeptical with her mid tempo ‘White Christmas’ with no irony, but I am warming up to it with each spin. I know in some circle, Amy Grant is the Queen Of Christmas, and just this time, I’ll genuflect.

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