Sometimes Happiness (Movie Thoughts: Happy)

p12744038_p_v7_aa“Happy” is one of those films I just randomly chose, based on nothing. It is a French film, so score one for it, and directed and is starring Jordan Goldnadel. He plays Florent who meets an American girl (Isabel Ryan) in the streets of Paris. They are two attractive people who obviously get attracted to one another. I wish there were more to the film than that, and sometimes it feels like it is trying to say something else. But, as one character in the film says, maybe these two are people who meet for a specific reason and they leave and enter each other’s lives, sort of like two ships passing in the night. I think if you look at this film as some great distraction – the beautiful people alone in beautiful romantic scenery in Paris make it worth the watch – you will enjoy it. There’s just nothing more to it, and sometimes that’s just fine.

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