I Want A Divorce With ‘Divorce’ (Television Thoughts: Divorce)


Five episodes into ‘Divorce,” I don’t know if I will continue watching. I am at best ambivalent about the series, and at worst uninterested by it. The characters bore me – both Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert (Thomas Hayden Church) are unlikable and I do not knwo which side to choose . The series has evolved into ‘War Of The Roses,’ with both of them acting despicable. And since it purports to be a ‘dark comedy,’  there are flashes of humor, but that makes it more muddled.

And Parker? While I liked her quirks for Carrie, she seemed undercooked here, like she is trying to tone down herself down, even at times when she portrays her character as ‘zany.’ Church is much better – his performance is more coherent. But I find I don’t have the will to say much more about the show.

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