A Love Triangle (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E02 E03)


I was just a little bit lukewarm about the first episode this season of ‘Crzy Ex-Girlfriend’ but I just binge-watched the second and third episodes and boy, is the spark back between me and this show. My instincts were right – Bloom knows the pulse of her audience and she transformed Rebecca to a character almost unlikable in the first episode to now downright adorable in the succeeding ones. I loved episode 2, “When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?” which really all about Greg, who is really my favorite character in the series. We get to know what really happened to him, and we see how he comes out to his friends as an alcoholic. And then his reveal – he finds out that Josh had sex with Rebecca the night of the wedding, and also that he has been living with her since. He also slides back into alcoholism but hits a wall instead. There is this very tender scene between him and Rebecca by the duck pond and it is heartbreaking. He asks her if she is happy with Josh and she says yes, even though she knows and we know that really, things are not ideal. He accepts Rebecca and Josh together, just as Rebecca tells Josh that she deserves something better.

And episode three starts with a bit of a shock p we see Rebecca showing signs that she is pregnant. In the middle of it all I ask myself – could she really be? Wow, that would be the ultimate game changer for the series, and I would see how and where they would take the story if that really were the case. And then we see Rebecca ask for signs if she needs to get back together with Greg. In her mind there is a love triangle, and with that comes what I think is a great musical number – a song about triangles inspired by Marilyn monroe’s ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.’ She gives Greg an ultimatum: se will be by the bridge at a certain time, and if he shows up, then that is a sign they are meant to be together. But he sees a different sign and decides to move to Atlanta to go study at Emory Meanwhile, we find out it is Paula who is pregnant, dashing her law school dreams.

What I love about this series is the love story – we are toen between who to root for, I guess. But I have always been Team Greg from the very start, and I still think he is the end game. At the end of the third episode, Rebecca catches him at the airport, and we are left hanging. Will he stay or will he say goodbye?

One thought on “A Love Triangle (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E02 E03)

  1. So glad you haven’t given up. I really hope Greg doesn’t leave the show. I am Team Greg too. (Plus, crushing on Santino Fontana, who would be so cute in Newsies after seeing him in the Irish bar song clothes.) Paula’s pregnancy is definitely a game changer too.


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