Loving Out Loud (Book Thoughts, How To Say I Love You Out Loud, Karole Cozzo)

22718802This book made me cry – for me that’s a good thing. Karole Cozzo’s “How To Say I Love You Out Loud’ is about Jordyn – a teenager in High School with an autistic brother, Phillip. She has lived with this most of her life, and laments that everything in her family’s life is all about her brother, and she sometimes feel closed in because of it. And as a result, she loses herself to other people – her best friend, Erin, and this guy, Alex, who she is interested in. And he is interested in her, too, and they shared a kiss over the summer. But when school starts at the beginning of the book, she finds out that he has started going out with popular girl Leighton. Now what?

Jordyn’s story is quite a poignant one, as she embarks on a journey to find herself, and not only living with but celebrating what is in her life. I couldn’t help but relate because at some tie in my life, I had to sacrifice a lot of things so I could take care of my family. While at the time it surely hurt, as I look back at it now, I know I have no single regret in any of my decisions.

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