Perhaps Love (Movie Thoughts: Beyond Love)

downloadb“Beyond Love” is an Italian movie by Director Silvio Alfonso Naccucci and the story revolves around two couples – a gay male couple and a lesbian couple. The lesbians want to have a child, but they argue about who will have it (they both want to) The two men are happy but one of the lesbians ask one of them to father the child. He is repulsed by it, but finds out that by raising E15,000 he can help his lesbian friend get artificial insemination. So naturally, he sells his body so he can raise that money – no one knows why he just has to do, by the way. Are you still with me? Cause I am barely with me right now. This film covers familiar unbelievable ground, and the acting and dialogue is pedestrian. But I couldn’t help but feel fascinated by it, anticipating what melodramatic soapy twist is around the corner. This film comes close to s-bad-it’s-good territory, with the gratuitous sex scenes to boot. The cast is pretty and pretty to watch, so I cannot really say that this is unwatchable. And I love all thing Italian so it is not a waste of my time.

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