When We Were Young (Movie Thoughts: Esteros)

z49mhgxqAs thirteen year old kids, Matias and Jero (Ignacio Rogers and Esteban Maturini) spent summers at Matias’ summer home, near an estuary. They get separated a- Matias’ parents move to Brasil – and ten years later Matias comes back to visit, with his girlfriend in tow He is surprised to see his old friend again. Feelings surface, and we find out that something happened that last summer when they were together, and feeling are resurfacing.

The pot sounds tedious, but director Papo Currotto doesn’t dwell on the obvious, and makes the film bloom slowly. Its languid place is contrasted by the sizzling chemistry between the two actors, and even though the answer is pretty obvious, it is still believable. I admit there were very slow parts, but the payoff was rewarding, and as I had mentioned earlier,  both Aguirre and Maturini are appealing actors that your wait will not feel too much of a chore. And the Argentinian estuary is beautiful to look at, and the film’s subtle nod to land preservation doesn’t need to be hammered to be effective.

One thought on “When We Were Young (Movie Thoughts: Esteros)

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