A New Rebecca (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02E04)


Greg’s gone. Wasn’t it just last week when I said I thought that i am confident the end game for this is still going to be Rebecca and Greg? Well, it looks like that was an epic fail. I was still in denial until I read an interview with Santino Fontana (who plays Greg) explaining why he had to depart from the show (prior commitments since he only signed a one year contract, if you must know) So now I have this empty feeling. I guess that’s one of the best things about this show – just when you think it is going one way, it goes out of its way to derail expectations. I will miss Greg – he was my favorite character in the show because he showed honesty from day one. But I am still holding out (against hope, obviously) that in the end maybe he will come and claim Rebecca as rightfully his.

So of course Rebecca is depressed, and I must really commend Rachel Bloom because she handled the dramatic scenes quite well – not too sentimental because there is still a tongue-in-cheek undercurrent. After the first quarter of the episode, it changes gears pretty quickly, and suddenly we are caught in her changing her look and competing to be Miss Douche. I was put off a little by that, to be honest, but I guess it is her (and the show’s) way of dealing with her being dumped by two guys simultaneously.

Now we get the new set up of the series – Heather and Rebecca will be roommates, making Heather the new sidekick. I wonder why they are doing this since Paula was such a good one for Rebecca in the first season. It makes me really curious about what they have in store for Paula.

One thought on “A New Rebecca (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02E04)

  1. I am in a sexy French depression over Greg leaving. I will be interested to see where the series goes this season. I like Heather and now that Paula has toned down her role in Rebecca’s life, Heather might be a good sidekick. Then again, maybe she and Valencia will become friends again. Hmmm…
    I loved the song Greg and Josh sang about where they had sex in Rebecca’s house. Hilarious!!!


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