I Should Be So Lucky (Movie Thoughts: Love Everlasting)

mv5bmgjky2q5owytogzhmy00owfjltlhmdctzjviWith all these red states popping up in the electoral map, I wanted to watching something blue. Cue in Lucky Blue Smith, who is something of a millennial renaissance man – besides being a successful model, he dabbles in music, wrote a book, and apparently, now has starred in a movie, ‘Love Everlasting,’ which is directed and was written by Rob Diamond.

Smith plays Bridger, who is a young man who is abused by hsi father. With his mother, they escape from him with only $197 to their name and drive to California. Yet you wonder how Bridger looks so sharp in his bleached white hair and artfully distressed jeans looking like he just stepped out of an H & M look book (I just checked – Smith models for them, so I wasn’t too far off) This is just one of the many plot points here daring you to accept and suspend disbelief. But Smith, with his almost feminine features, is pretty to look at. His scrawny build  doesn’t look as good on film than print ads, but I have to admit he has that inimitable star quality. His acting? Well, I don’t know if people will be coming to the theater expecting a Hamlet soliloquy from him, but he could be worse, if I have to be honest. For now, he fills the screen beautifully. That’s the distraction I need right now as I look at these reddening electoral map.

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