Eating His Heart Out (Television Thoughts: Why Is Josh’e Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S02 E05)


Season 2 Episode 5 ‘s episode, ‘Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs’ is one of those set-up episodes. I think this will set how the rest of the season will run. I was a little thrown off in the beginning – I don’t know how I like that Paula and Rebecca has now been ‘separated’ but at the end of the episode, as if to assure people like me who felt this way, the show ‘addressed’ those concerns, and it made me feel better.  Also in this episode, Rebecca starts to bond with Valencia, and they form an alliance against Josh, and we all know how and why that really is not going to work out. So I must say these transitional situations are holding promise – it just goes to show that again, you just need to trust the show because it knows what it is doing.

It was also good for them to show more of Darryl and White Josh’s relationship, and now they have established that White Josh has an older-man fetish, and it makes the relationship with Jack less ‘icky’ for some people. And of course, it makes more sense hat way, and at the same time, it gave depth to their relationship. I really like Dave C Hull as White Josh. He hasn’t had an opportunity to do much in the show, and I hope this is a move in the right direction.

I feel better about my earlier reservations about the direction of the show now.

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