I Am Bitter When I Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Bitter Orange, Jo Malone)

indexFor the holiday season, Jo Malone is releasing a limited edition scent called Orange Bitters. I thought Orange Bitters was a cookie, but I realized it was a cocktail, and my heart started to flutter. (From Wikipedia: Orange bitters is a cocktail flavoring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamom, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar in an alcohol base) First, I love boozy scents, and also the idea of it sounds very un-Jo Malone like. I have been for the most part impressed with their latest releases. And to top it all off, look at this beautiful beautiful bottle – festive, art-deco ish, elegant. This smelled like a winner, well, metaphorically.

Too bad it literally did not smell like one. It smells citrusy all right, btu it also has that sweet sugary note that I don’t like. It was pretty cold when I tried it on, and the sweetness overwhelmed everything else. The notes on the press release say ripe mandarin, but I just smell ripe sugar on me. And there’s no depth – nothing earthy, spicy, or dark to frame it. There’s supposed to be sandalwood and amber here but I don’t get them. And I was initially allured by a dry prune note (I thought, what? Luten-ish?) but I didn’t get it either. This perfume is just all kinds of wrong for my skin, and I feel disappointed because I really want that bottle incorporated in my Jo Malone collection.

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