Do It Again (Movie Thoughts: Do Over)

do-over-poster.jpegTrying to keep my mind off the politics of today, I wanted to see something stupid and fun, something that will not make me think, so I settled on ‘Do Over,’ which has been described as a millennial sex comedy. I mean, sure why not, could it be worse than a Trump presidency?

And it’s not nearly as bad. The film’s premise is kind of stupid: a group of friends go back to the person who they lost their virginity to, and do a “re-booty,’ improving from that first experience, because more or less these first experiences aren’t as satisfying. But sure, I will go along – and it doesn’t hurt that this has a very attractive cast: Drew Seeley, Zack Lively, Jonathan Bennett. At the very least, there is pretty eye candy that doesn’t make this as total waste of time. The film is an oversized episode of a sitcom, and even feels as such. If you aren’t expecting much from it, you will probably think it’s not as bad as it sounds like. I honestly thought it was entertaining enough. But it’s nothing more than that, for sure. Sometimes, it’s more rewarding to wtch this than something that holds promise but falls flat.

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