Shallow Water (Book Thoughts: Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries)

29437944I don’t know why I kept on read ‘Superficial: More Adventures From The Andy Cohen Diaries,’ when I felt like I was not getting anything from it. But I will be lying if I said it wasn’t an addictive read, although most of the time I had no idea who some of his friends are, besides the obvious popular ones like ‘SJP’ and ‘Hickey.’  At times I felt dizzy reading – so much happening that mostly amounted to nothing. But he sure seemed busy, and making his mint, and good for him since he seems to be for the most part enjoying himself with his life. I guess it comes with his territory that at his age he still goes out and drinks all the time. I am around the same age as he and stopped that a while back. I read this in between chapters of a ‘heavy’ book I am struggling with so this was a welcome diversion.

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