In Love And War (Movie Thoughts: Allied)

c5bcb7631f62b7aba6c366848d680f22I won’t lie – I was initially drawn to ‘Allied’ because of salacious reasons. Angelina Jolie, when she filed from divorce from Brad Pitt cited as one of the reasons his affair with Marion Cotillard while filming this movie. Allegedly, Jolie hired a private investigator and discovered something. I find this one of life’s greatest ironies – if true – because Jolie and Pitt’s affair blossomed when the two were filming ‘Mr & Mrs. Smith’ while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Cotillard, to be fair, has denied the affair via a cryptic message on her Instagram page. So, the question is – can we look at the movie, and their performances, and gain some clues if this is true or not? Do they have scorching hot chemistry?

As a matter of fact they do (and I don’t know is that is proof enough for the accusations) They look great on screen, and make a handsomest couple . And as a matter of fact, I think Cotillard has never looked more beautiful on screen, and at certain angles even kind of resemble Jolie. ‘Allied’ is a movie I thought they stopped making – a romantic war thriller. In recent years, I have been fascinated with stories during the second world war, but most recent movies have been of the ‘war’ variety (I present the recent ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ as evidence)  so it was nice to see a new WW2 story with romance at its core. Some call the story here as ‘Casablanca’ in reverse, and yes while I find that to be true, I think this one will stand on its own. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, this is an epic film: set in exotic locales (from French Morocco to London) and a sweeping story of love, possible betrayal, and passion. I have never been the biggest fan of Pitt as an actor – too blank for my taste – but  here he seems better, seemingly more engaged with his character, especially during the latter dramatic parts. But I think his s Cotillard’s movie – she is charming, duplicitous. She is accused of being a German spy and she plays it brilliantly, and we never really know the truth until we need to – her performance much in sync with the narrative’s every twist and turn. It would be a crime if she wasn’t nominated for her performance here.

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