I Like To Like (Television Thoughts: Please Like Me, Season 4, Thursdays at 9:30, Australian Broadcasting Network ABC)

please-like-me-s4It’s already the fourth season of ‘Please Like Me,’  and that is a great thing. It is a show that I always catches my attention – for better or worse it always gets a reaction for me, whether positive or negative, and at most times, both. It started off as a gay Australian version of HBO’s Girls, but for me better than that, because for me, the writing here is more interesting. Or maybe I can identify with it more.

So when Season 4 starts, Josh (creator, actor, and director Josh Thomas) is still together with Arnold (Keegan Joyce) and I liked that set-up because maybe I think Joyce is a fantastic actor, and he settles Josh down, a neurotic foil for Josh’s neurosis. On the first episode of the season, they even explore getting a threesome, and it became more interesting the guy they chose was more into Arnold than Josh. As we go into the second episode, we see both Josh and Arnold breaking up. That threw me off – I was convinced a bulk of this season was going to explore their relationship. By the third episode, we see Josh already dating, and I did not like that direction at all, thinking it will be just reasons for Josh to be kissing and dating numerous guys, and yeah isn’t where we first started? A twist at the end of the episode gave me hope – maybe I am not that wring about having Josh and Arnold’s relationship explored.  Thoas said in an interview that part of his goals is that he wants to go against what people are expecting, so that seems to be the case, for me anyway.

So I will keep on watching.

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