They Tried To Make Him Go To Rehab (Movie Thoughts; Being Charlie)

large_large_suttu4kqxny9rcou4dgdn086nqw‘Being Charlie’ is Rob Reiner’s latest effort, from a script by his son Nick (who co wrote the script with Matt Elisofon) and a lot of critics are saying it is his best film in two decades. I like this film a lot, and I didn’t at first – how many times can you see a film about a rich white kid struggling with addiction and rehab?  There are parts of this film that exhausted me, and there’s a part of me that cannot understand how otherwise privileged kids turn to addiction. But of course I also know that addiction is a sickness, and needs to be treated. What makes this film good is its humor – the young Reiner found the right balance between cynical comedy and honest drama. This film is supposed to be based on his bouts with rehabilitation, so he knows what he is talking about (He apparently met his co-scriptwriter in rehab) And Nick Robinson, who plays Charlie has magnificent screen presence (I couldn’t take my eyes off him) and knows how to line between sweet, devious, manipulative, downtrodden. He will be a big star. I guess I am going to be dating myself here, but it was a tad disconcerting to see Cary Elwes here playing his father, since I had such a big crush on him, and now he is as middle aged as I am. But that’s just me, don’t let that hinder your enjoyment of the movie. Elwes is fine here, as is the rapper Common, who plays Charlie’s counselor.

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