The Rules Of Attraction (Movie Thoughts: Rules Don’t Apply)

5jqq9capw8fm88qnaqso9tsxq6h‘Rules Don’t Apply’ is written and directed by Warren Beatty and that is reason enough for me to take notice. It has been eighteen years since he last directed and fifteen since he last acted. In this film, he plays a crazed Howard Hughes (is there any other kind) set in mid-century America. On paper, everything about this should appeal to me, but I found myself not connecting to the film, or its characters. There’s something quite shallow about it, and feels overly long. The last act is touching, but at that point, the film has already lost me.  Beatty is fine, I guess, and he has hinted that this will be his last screen appearance (He is 79) I wish he had gone on a different note, but he has had an illustrious career. Honestly, the only actor here I was impressed by was Lily Collins. She was funny, and dramatic, and displayed spunk and screen presence. I had written her off, but now she is back on my good list.

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