Rooms At The Gay Inn (Movie Thoughts: Shared Rooms)

s-aolcdn-comI am still in a festive mood, so I went and watched a gay holiday romantic comedy titled ‘Shared Rooms,’ which is written and directed by Rob Williams, who previously did ‘Make The Yuletide Gay.’ (I think I saw that film but do not remember anything about it, so that seemed to be a bad omen)  This film centers around three interrelated stories of gay men celebrating Christmas in modern day Los Angeles. So obviously, it looks like the critique will write itself.

But it wasn’t that bad, actually. It’s pretty low-budget and the writing and direction is mostly dry, but there were some very good touches. For example, it explored that idea of couple friendships being affected by other couples having babies. (A half of a couple says, “We are the only ones in the group not having kids!”)  This definitely a film for the times – it references a lot of ‘today’ things like gay air BNB, gay hookup apps, and even Donald Trump. I wouldn’t say I was thoroughly entertained by it, but at the same time the 75 minutes that passed never really felt wasted. Surely, the ending is a little too corny but I don’t know if the film had any pretenses that it was anything but. Share this with some friends this season.

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