Alone On Christmas (Music Thoughts: A Hollens Family Christmas, Peter Hollens)

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailIn this day and age, you can use You Tube as a springboard for your career and apparently Peter Hollens has done just that – he is one of those ‘You Tube Sensations’ who made it big. His specialty is acapella, and he does mostly that in his Holiday album, “A Hollens Family Christmas.” I don’t know if he is considered a Christian singer but a lot of Christian based websites feature him, so ew, a point less for him if that is the case. The album, honestly, is fine enough, even if I am not the biggest fan of acapella. I wish it excited me more, for surely you can sense Hollens’ commitment to the piece. It has a great line up, including ‘December Song,’ which is the most ubiquitous song for 2016 as far as Christmas albums are concerned. This is one of these albums I will just file and may never listen to again, though that really isn’t Hollens’ fault.

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