Sweet Sweet Fantasy (Television Thoughts: Mariah’s World, Sundays on E!)

e9f99151cf672de9378d294c7a5f1765Mariah Carey’s new “documentary show”  is quite possibly my new favorite show for the Winter season.  It’s on E! and is in reality show format, but she refuses to call ti as such, and in a lot of sense she is right. Because this is not reality  that’s similar to the Krdashian shows – this is an alternative reality of sorts, because this is Mariah Carey playing on the persona of Mariah Carey, and what’s the most fun about it? She is in on the joke. Why else would the show open with ‘Bianca,’ who is Carey’s ‘evil’ alter ego cum nemesis, who sports a bad British accent. And then we see Carey herself, resplendent with plunging necklines, diamond jewels jumping in the Mediterranean wearing such?  yes, in a sense, Carey is the great divas. She is one to aspire to, without the modern earthiness of a Katy Perry or a Beyonce.

And truth be told, I found more respect for her as an artist, as she is one of those rarer breeds who do everything: she composes, she arranges, and goes into every detail of her music, as well as her image. Some people look at this show as a desperate attempt of a crumbling pop star, but I don’t even think it’s even that way – this is Mariah giving us all facets of Mariah, the sweet sweet fantasy. I love it – it’s winkingly campy, and self-referential and fabulous at the same time. And I will be tuning in to see what’s next of her diva adventures!

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