When Death Is Zany (Movie Thoughts: The Hollars)

movieposterI think I have seen so many of these family crisis dramedies that i thought a lot of things in ‘The Hollars’ seem like something I have seen before. Directed and starring John Krasinski, everything here seems very familiar, culled from other better movies. But somehow, it is not as bad as it sounds, due to the winning cast. I particularly loved Margo Martindale as the family matriarch who in the beginning of the film finds out she has a brain tumor. And of course, Anna Kendrick is always a joy to watch. The tone of the film is light for its subject matter treating death as some kind of zany plot point. Inserting my own experience here, things are not as fun as it seems, but I do get what they are trying to do – though I think they are a little unsuccessful at it. The comedy isn’t funny enough, and the drama isn’t weighty enough. Despite good performances that will make you believe these characters, they are set up blandly that they didn’t stand a chance. When this first came out, I was so looking forward to seeing this film. It somehow got lost in the Fall shuffle and I just chanced upon this now. I am glad I waited.

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