Ong To The World (Music Thoughts, Christmas Songbook, Amelia Ong)

1481036258_amelia-ong-christmas-songbook-2016Who is Amelia Ong and why does she have a Christmas album? Ong is a jazz singer based in Australia but is of Indonesian descent. And why shouldn’t she not have a Holiday album when everyone and their mother has one? I got attracted to the cute cover of her album, ‘Christmas Songbook,’ so I started playing it. And truth be told, it’s not too bad. It’s your standard fare, but I do have to say teh jazz arrangements by Sri Hanuraga here aren’t bad at all. They surprise and entice, and not as predictable. Vocally, she is from the Diana Krall school of singing (I bet she listened to her a lot) and that’s not a bad thing. I see also that she is young and hopefully will listen to more singers so her sound will probably mature and evolve. And I like that she has just a tiny bit of accent that gives her voice an exotic personality. The choices here are your standard Holiday fare, but it’s not as boring as I make it sounds. Could be worse.

One thought on “Ong To The World (Music Thoughts, Christmas Songbook, Amelia Ong)

  1. Lovely review and write up for the album.. thank you for supporting our music.. =) however, Sri Hanuraga did not play or partake in this album since this band is entirely different than my first album, except for Dennis Junio on Saxophone. all arrangements from this album was also written by myself =) Thank you for noticing my style, however i have very rarely listen to Diana Krall =) i hope you can enjoy the album, merry christmas and happy new year.. God bless… =)


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