Royally Salty (Perfume Thoughts, Royal Mayfair, Creed)

49367I have a love-hate (well, mostly hate) relationship with the House of Creed.  A lot of this, surely, stems from the fact that their line is so darn expensive, and in my opinion, some of them aren’t exotic or unique enough to warrant the exorbitant pricing. They are well-made perfumes no doubt, just…boring for the price point. (For example, Frederic Malle is more or less in the same price range but I feel like they are worth it) I have a couple of Creed’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on my collection, but rarely wear them.  Recently, though I went to the Creed stand-alone store just to see what they have, and the SA suggested Royal Mayfair to me. And surprise of all surprises, it was utterly wonderful. Like, swoon-worthy.

And look at the press release:

Known as London’s most posh neighborhoods, Mayfair is in fact one of the world’s premier fashion hubs. To honor this destination, and the location of the legendary Creed boutique on Mount Street, the House of Creed has re-launched the famed, limited edition “Windsor” scent originally created for the Duke of Windsor. Now officially re-named, Royal Mayfair is a fresh, bright, masculine green scent that stuns with its crisp, gin-and-pine led opening, its fragrant floral heart, and its delicate yet forceful aromatic woodsy drydown.

I mean, if it’s good enough for the Duke of Windsor, then it’s good enough for me! I know that this perfume was originally released as ‘Windsor,’ and is technically a man’s fragrance, which is interesting to me because this perfume reads to me as mostly floral.

Royal Mayfair opened to me with a big burst of tuberose, perfect for the white floral lover in me – but there’s something musky/salty in the opening, probably the combination of cedar and eucalyptus. The only way I can describe it is that it smells ‘radioactive,’ giving it an ‘alive’ vibe.(I bet it’s the ‘orange’ burst that does this)  I know some people smell rose in here, but to me I only get a very faint hint of it.  It all gets woodsier in the drydown, which is very boozy, with you smelling a little bit cignac-y. It’s all very tantalizing, although the two times I wore it I have to say it disappeared very quickly on my skin, and I am out of my sample now so I cannot really tell if it always does that, and if it does, boo! But I have to say when ti is on, it’s on!


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