Take My Breath Away (Television Thoughts: Younger Season Three Finale)


So here we are, at the season finale of Season 3 of ‘Younger,’ and it is a doozy. We get to the real bottom of the love triangle between Liza, Charles, and Josh. At the end of teh episode, Charles and Liza finally kiss (while dancing to Berlin singing ‘Take My Breath Away, natch) and of course it is supposed to be this big moment, only for Josh to come in and see them (without them seeing) and he has planned to propose to Liza, by scrolling ‘Marry Me’ by roses on her bed. It’s a cliffhanger, of course, but I have a couple of points to ponder. First of all, is it just me or did it feel that the moment between Charles and Liza was rushed? I am all for both of them – he is certainly more age appropriate for her, and yes I know things have been simmering between the two of them all season, but I couldn’t help but still feel it came out of nowhere, and at the same tie unexpected. It felt like it was given to Liza so she could have a cliffhanger dilemma for the end of the season. Add to that another ‘blackmail’ storyline for her regarding her age thing, but it all felt very mechanical to me. I thought the episode was still very engaging, and it is still one of my favorite shows right now, but I just cannot help but think these are all familiar. I actually liked a lot of the ‘comic’ bits this season – one of my favorites was dumping a guy because he lived in Roosevelt Island – a joke so in no one will probably get it. I have this theory that after every season, someone else will learn about Liza’s true age (Josh was first) so I wonder which pivotal character will be next. Until next season, Liza and The Gang!

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