Holiday Trumpette (Music Thoughts: Someday At Christmas, Jackie Evancho)

jackieSo it seems like Little Miss Jackie Evancho will be the star during Donald Trump’s inauguration. This begs me to ask – who is this young woman and why is she aligning himself with such a despicable man?  I have to confess I have heard of her before, but have not thought of her much. I think she had already made recordings even before she was a contestant in ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Then I realized I had her new Christmas album, ‘Someday At Christmas’ on my Holiday pile from this year (I had gotten it a while back, even before all this brouhaha) So I played it last night, while I was doing some much-needed house cleaning.

And as much as I want to write that she is a horrible singer, I have to say that she is not. She sings with a competent soprano, with tuneful style in that pop/classical vein – which really is more accessible classical music who are too ADD to listen to real classical music. That said, there really is nothing special about this recording. She sings with minimal feeling, which I will find blame on immaturity. One song blended into another, with not one making any kind of impact. Do I recommend it? not really – there are other better albums out there – Charlotte Church’s for example. Or might as well go for the Renee Fleming one, if you want to hear a real beautiful voice. or the classic Leontyne price one, if you want a real classic soprano album. In four years, jackie Evancho will be as insignificant as the man she will be lauding.

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