When Katherine’s Home (Television Thoughts: Katherine Jenkins Home For Christmas, BBC)


I have never understood the appeal of Katherine Jenkins. I know she has a rabid fans, and sure she sings well enough, but for me, there’s no there there. Her recordings all sound bland, indistinguishable from any other ‘pop soprano’ artists out there. When I saw that she had a Christmas special on BBC, I made sure to see it, perhaps because what I was missing was something that she gives out at her live performances. Sorry, but she even lost points for me here. She sings with these dead eyes that signify she has no clue about what she is seeing and her smooth vocals do not show any trace of lyric interpretation, she could be singing about the phone book for all I care. She is beautiful, I would say, in that bland Welsh kind of way, and I am at times more fascinated by how she poses, singing with one hand akimbo on her waist most of the time. I hate to be such a Scrooge talking like this during the Christmas season, but just being real here.

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