Swing Jane Swing (Music Thoughts: A Swingin’ Little Christmas, Jane Lynch)

814ukhlfall-_sy355_I had been looking for Jane Lynch’s Christmas album, ‘A Swingin’ Little Christmas,’ all ready to support her, when I found the album in a most unlikely place: Spotify.  I guess I should have known to look there from the very beginning: it’s where a lot of people listen to music nowadays. (People no longer want to own music)

Look exactly at the cover of the disc, and that’s exactly how the album sounds: kitschy mid-century inspired arrangements of beloved Holiday carols. It’s perfect for a cocktail party – creating mood and low-key enough for you to enjoy and not have the songs bombast you. Lynch’s character personalities have always been larger than life – Sue Sylvester in Glee, Miss Hannigan in Annie – so I thought her low-key singing here (along with Tim Davis and Kate Flannery, who sing with her in a lot of the tracks) were very welcome.  Have an egg nog and enjoy this.

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