We Could Be Flying (Movie Thoughts: Sully)

sully_movie_poster‘Sully’ was released around the time of my birthday but I was in the middle of a trip then and didn’t want to watch it, afraid I will visualize the crash scenes from the movie while traveling. But months later, with no impending flights booked in the horizon, and finally I feel like I can see this movie. And I need not have worried – those scenes weren’t really scary. I mean, they were suspenseful and thrilling, but the imagery is not something one will remember and be petrified about. And, I should not have waited, too, because ‘Sully’ is a solid film, a no-nonsense crafty film from Clint Eastwood. Moreover, it has a solid Tom hanks performance, unshowy and dignified, and he gets to the heart of Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s soul with a performance that never seems gimmicky. I should hope that this gives him another Academy Award nomination.

It has to be said that it is great to find the film suspenseful even as you already know how the incident ‘ends.’  And I have to be honest that I didn’t know that the government agencies were partly blaming Sully that he did not follow some protocol or that according to some flight simulation programs, he had enough time and altitude to make it back to La Guardia Airport- that was disputed afterwards. Most of all, Sully makes me proud of New York. I remember that day when this happened – I was at work and our whole office started to look out the windows to see if we could see the plane on the Hudson River. New Yorkers have been through a lot, and this was just another ‘test’ that we passed. I had tears at the end of this movie, and it’s for a lot of things, but at the end, mostly good.

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