O Honeysuckle Night (Perfume Thoughts, Mediterranean Honeysuckle, Aerin)

nd-34585It’s Christmas Eve, and I am not feeling well at all, so I wanted a little perfume pick me up to make me feel a little bit of myself.  So I put on Aerin’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle, which is probably my favorite release of the year, and one I used a lot since I got it as a gift on  my birthday. I have always been a big fan of honeysuckle, but felt it wasn’t as expensive-smelling as some of its counterparts. By pairing honeysuckle with a tart grapefruit here, you get an instant character from the honeysuckle, making it a warm floral, and with ambrox and white musks, even a floriental.  The honeysuckle smells really unique here, and I have gotten numerous compliments while wearing this. I haven’t really been following Aerin Lauder’s namesake line,  because when I sniffed the first releases, I was underwhelmed, and thought it was a Jo Malone wannabe. Maybe I need to inspect all the other later releases, like for example, Tangier Vanille, which I am hearing lots of good things about. Tonight, as the night gets silent and holy, I will wrap myself around Honeysuckle.

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