Susan In Winter (Music Thoughts: A Wonderful World, Susan Boyle)

14045-optimized_580117fe78f26Susan Boyle’s new album, ‘A Wonderful World’ was released around the Holiday season, and look at the cover – it evokes the Holidays, with the snow, the red scarf, the gold titling. It’s technically not, though. It is a mixture of ‘feel-good’ wholesome songs that Boyle does so well – she knows how to make these songs soar, and in her voice, they really do. Popular songs you have heard a million times sound fresh in her hands, like newly dropped snow. I loved her ‘It’s A Wonderful World, ‘ and she brings tenderness to Robbie Williams’ .Angels.’ A self-confessed Madonna fan, she sings a cover of ‘Like A Prayer’ that makes the song devoid of all the danger and sexuality of the original version – still can’t decide if that is a good or bad thing, to be honest, but you cannot deny it is an interpretation never done before. I thought her two duets here – with Nat Cole and Michael Bolton – were throwaway tracks, inserted to make it seem like her album is more interesting. She doesn’t need it – her singing Paul McCartney’s ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ makes this interesting enough. Don’t ever change, Susan Boyle.

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