In The Journey Of Life (Movie Thoughts: Passengers)

large_passengers‘Passengers’ didn’t open as big as people expected it to, basing on the fact that is fronted by two bonafide stars – Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. But i don’t think it’s as simple as that. This movie has suffered through some scathing reviews, and there is that thing that is pointed out – an ethical dilemma that one of the characters deals with, with the decision angering a lot of moviegoers.

So where do I stand? I didn’t hate ‘Passengers,’ to be honest. I found parts of it entertaining, mainly because of the star power of Pratt and Lawrence. They both look hot, and bring warmth and charisma to their characters, and when they are on screen, you can’t help but look at them. It’s just that ‘Passengers’ isn’t really the kind of movie I like – a sci/fi action thriller with a romantic angle. I found most parts of it predictable and boring, especially during the last half of the film where I felt the movie cruised through automatic pilot. I do have to admit that the story was interesting enough initially that it kept me interested, and the special effects visually kept me going. And Pratt, a natural comedian, knows how to infuse his performance with a lot of good naturedness and humour. ‘Passengers’ wasn’t a total waste of my time; I just don’t think I will ever take this route again.

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