Gravy’s Tail (Television Thoughts, Crazy Ex Girlfriend S02 E07: Who Is The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?)


I know I have been unsatisfied with the past couple of episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but S02 E07, “Who Is The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating” was kind of a return to form for me. Rebecca isn’t as annoying , and it’s a little more focused. And, there were a couple of times I actually laughed in this episode. (By the way, I know that this episode aired early December, and I’m just catching up on it now)  Basically, Rebecca and Valencia are both still hung up on Josh, and while I find that premise boring and do realize that it is the premise of the whole show, I found myself really liking the scenes of both of them stalking Anna Hicks, Josh’s new girlfriend. And when they accidentally ran over gravy’s tails, i was laughing out loud. And there’s even a pathos element when, towards the end, they both watch that scene where Josh professes his love for Anna. That must have hurt. Now, regarding the business between Paula and Rebecca’s friendship: I don’t know what they are trying to do here, but I hope the pay off is a lot more interesting than what they are doing now.

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