My Rose de Mai (Perfume Thoughts: Essences Insensees 2016 Rose de Mai, Diptyque)

_13259940Every year around the Holidays, Diptyque releases a fragrance based on a good harvest from their personal gardens called ‘Essences Insesee.’ Lat year, it was a a wondrous jasmine, and for this year, it is from a particular wonderful batch of Rose de Mai from Grasse. Rose de Mai is a big and juicy rose, and it is quite rich anf pungent.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this for Christmas and I just cannot get enough of this perfume. First of all, look at the beautiful bottle. I am a sucker for poofy spray, and look at the poof on this year’s version – fun and glamorous!  Signed by Francis pellegrin, Rose de Mai is a fun rose – it sparkles but not too boozy, it’s not a sedate English rose, and it has none of the spice and darkness of other roses. This is a bright smelling juice, a pick me up, and it has honey and some berries to give it weight and volume. It’s a very happy scent – perfect for those dull and gray days. This is a wonderful scent, and one of my favorite acquisitions from this year.

Perhaps you will ask me – another rose scent? Don’t you have enough? I think the real perfume lover in me comes out when I have scents with the same central notes – identifying the nuances and differences on each one scintillates me, and just enhances my love and passion for perfume more. So who cares if this is my nth rose sscent? Give me a thousand more and I will enjoy all of them!


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