For The Love Of Gelato (Book Thoughts: Love & Gelato, Jenny Evans Welch)

25756328‘People go to Italy for different things, but there are only two reasons why they stay: Love and Gelato.’ That’s where the title of Jenna Evans Welch’s ‘Love & Gelato’ comes from. Seventeen year old Lina has just lost her mother to pancreatic cancer and goes to Florence to meet her father, Henry. When she gets there, she receives a journal her mother wrote when she lived in Florence, and things now seem to be different from what they seem. This is a great book, and I am glad this will be my opener for the new year – it’s more a ‘mystery’ than romance, and it was great to envision Florence, one of my favorite cities. And of course, I will not disagree that I will do anything for Italian gelato, one of my most favorite things in the world. Welch keeps the story flowing, and you will want to get entangles with what will happen to Lina as she weaves her way into the Italian landscape.

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